Late 90’s  – Technical training video production for Rona Big Box stores’ employees. Development of the broadcasting platform iC4

  • more than 900 (bilingual) contents
  • more than 40 000 monthly viewings – national broadcasting

2008 – Miiro Projects inc. is created

2009 – Production of the micro-site in association with the School of the Bar of Quebec

2010 – Design, production and management of the portal

A new online training portal for the members of the bar of Quebec

Up to date :

  • more than 50 contents (interactive trainings and conferences – either in studio or public)
  • more than 50 000 viewings
  • more than 15 000 users

2014 – Development of the portal dedicated to all professionals (lawyers, accountants, tax experts, engineers and others) for Mandatory Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Miiro Production Services

  • Online training content
  • WEB services
  • Video conferences and interactive training sessions
  • Studios and meeting rooms daily rental